A Table Kitchen Towel

Le Jacquard Francais

  • $34.99

Browse, stroll, collect the treasures of the arts of the table. Built like a board, this design pays tribute to French heritage in an iconic style. A modern and colorful silk-screen print and a cotton braid hook bring modernity and sophistication to this tea towel. You can choose between the grey "silver" version, the blue "water" version or the more daring pink "flower".

A detail perfectly completes this product made in France, the hems tucked in both subtle and contemporary for a tea towel worked to the smallest detail.

To complete this colorful and dynamic look we also offer a wooden tray.
The photographs in the catalog are as accurate as possible but cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the product sold, especially with regard to colors.
Le Jacquard Français tea towels are a real charm in your kitchen! Thanks to their remarkable qualities, which they derive from the quality of their fibers, they will last for years. They have generous dimensions of 60x80cm and a woven label to hang them easily in your kitchen.
100% cotton
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®

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