Hutterite Duck Down/Feather Pillow

St. Geneve

  • $152.00


Hutterite Down & Feather Pillow

This Hutterite pillow is made in the traditional European method of making a truly wonderful pillow. It starts with high-quality Hutterite down for softness and is then blended with a special type of downy feather for spring and durability. This is a lower profile pillow that is both soft and supportive.


Down Specifications

  • 60% 600 loft Hutterite duck down
  • 40% genuineHutterite high-quality duck feathers
  • Zurguard® Certified Hypoallergenic

  • Certified SUPERWASH™ for machine washing

    Regular 20" x 26" 
    Standard 20" x 28"
    Queen 20" x 30"
    King 20" x 36"
    Euro 26" x 26"
    Grand Queen 26" x 30"
    Grand King 26" x 36"
    Grand Euro 31" x 31"

    Custom sizing is available, check with your local stockist for details on how to order.

Custom sizing and fill weight is available, check for details on how to order.





Soft:            13     Oz
Medium:     17     Oz
Firm:           21     Oz


Soft:            13.5  Oz
Medium:     18     Oz
Firm:           22.5  Oz


Soft:            15     Oz
Medium:     20     Oz
Firm:           25     Oz


Soft:            20     Oz
Medium:     26     Oz
Firm:           33     Oz


Soft:            20     Oz
Medium:     26     Oz
Firm:           33     Oz

 Grand Queen                       Soft:            30     Oz

Grand Queen                        Medium:     40     Oz

Grand Queen                        Firm:            50     Oz

Grand King                            Soft:            39     Oz

Grand King                            Medium:      52    Oz

Grand King                            Firm:             65  Oz 

Grand Euro                             Soft:             39  Oz

Grand Euro                            Medium:        52   Oz

Grand Euro                            Firm:               65   Oz


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