Soving Goose Down Duvet Collection

St. Geneve

  • $928.00

Söving® Duvet

The duvet that changes with the seasons™


With just a flip of your duvet you can customize your sleep experience. The Söving® duvet has a special baffle design that lets you choose how warm you would like to be, just by turning it over. The Söving® duvet is the lightest, most breathable duvet we have ever created.


Patented breathing channels can open and close depending on how much warmth you require. Plus, the down can also be shifted up and down the channels by simply shaking the duvet, allowing you the ability to perfectly control your sleeping climate.

This special Söving® design increases the upper comfort range of the duvet. It will be the same cozy warmth in winter, but in the summer when it is turned over, it is cooler than conventional designs. This innovative design is patented in the U.S.A., with others pending.


Down Specifications:

850 loft
Clear Lake Colony Canadian White Goose Down


This amazing quality down is raised on the prairies, in sight of the Rocky Mountains. With a loft of 850, it is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, compared to other grades of down. This made it the obvious choice for our Söving® duvet.


Twin 72"x88"
Queen 90"x94"
King 108"x94"
Super King 114"x100"



This duvet is available in the following weights:



Euro Twin:

Summer:   16   Oz
Classic:     22  Oz


Summer:  16  Oz
Classic:     22   Oz


Summer:   20  Oz
Classic:      27  Oz


Summer:   23  Oz
Classic:      32  Oz

Super King

Summer:   26 Oz
Classic:      36  Oz



For those that sleep warm, in heated bedrooms and warm climates.


Our most popular, it suits average people in average temperatures.




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