Cueillette Bedding Collection

Alexandre Turpault

  • $699.99

Enjoy a unique experience of comfort in the softness of our organic cotton sateen bed linen set, Cueillette. Grown without pesticides, chemicals or GMOs, this GOTS-certified model demonstrates our commitment to healthier manufacturing and ensures strict compliance with the label's regulations - 100% of the fibres are from organic agriculture. Organic textile. Certificate no. 64046 issued by Ecocert Greenlife in accordance with the GOTS standard, available at -. Durable and resistant, this beautiful product stands out for its velvety feel and delicate shine, making Cueillette a true call to voluptuousness and comfort.

A celebration of the earth's riches, Cueillette captures the delicacy of Nature. We worked with poetry and finesse to create a setting of striking detail, highlighted by the etching effect and the absence of colour. The only pigments present are the berries in fruity shades painted in watercolour on a neutral background. A strong contrast, evoking movement, energy and life. Using ancient engraving techniques, this design reveals a unique aesthetic and highlights this luxuriant vegetation that needs to be preserved.

- Organic cotton satin bed linen (120 threads/cm²) certified GOTS
- Organic cotton grown without pesticides, chemicals and GMOs
- Soft, light and cozy material
- Resistant product thanks to long-fibre combed cotton

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