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Deluxe 100% Natural Latex Gold Mattress


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This Deluxe Latex Gold mattress is the best mattress you will ever sleep on. It is all natural and made of various layers of latex in different thicknesses and densities, carefully combined to provide your body with ultimate support.

  • 100% Natural Latex Gold Layers
  • 100% Premier New Zealand Wool Lining
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton Cover
  • Wool Pile Mattress Overlay
  • 6" or 8" Mattress
  • Made in Canada

When shopping for a latex mattress the word "latex" does not always mean the same thing or the same quality. There are three types of latex rubber, each with different material combinations which will affect its durability, comfort and support. These are:

- Pure Latex: 80% synthetic / 20% natural
- Natural Latex: 80% natural / 20% synthetic
- 100% Natural Latex (Latex Gold): 98% natural / 2% forming agents

Deluxe Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep are constructed to provide each sleeper with supreme comfort, long-lasting support to provide correct natural body alignment, the ultimate in moisture control, and a mattress made of healthy and natural materials. They are available as either 6" or 8" high mattresses.

There are four parts to the mattress:

The Mattress Core is made up of two 3" layers of 100% natural latex, available in four densities (firmness levels). The latex blocks have pincore construction to increase the comfort and breathability of the mattress. For beds accommodating two sleepers, each side can be constructed according to that sleeper's body weight, shape, and any underlying medical concerns.

The Comfort Layer is composed of a thick layer of carded 100% New Zealand wool to provide maximum moisture control and therapeutic benefits. This layer is placed as a lining on top of the latex layers and beneath the mattress's shell.

The Cover is made of 100% certified organic cotton knit with a certified organic cotton sateen base. It is zipped on for washability.

The mattress cover is topped with SnugSleep's luxurious wool pile mattress overlay material - also zipped-on for ease of laundering. 

The 8" Mattress has an additional 2" topper of 100% natural latex on top of the mattress core for maximum support and comfort. These toppers are available in four densities and allow for further customization for each sleeper.

Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep do not require any specialized support bases. Provided the base allows the mattress to ventilate itself through its pincore construction and does not sag, any good box spring or slatted wood base (gaps between slats to be a maximum of 1.5 inches) would be suitable.

Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep:
- do not require turning
- do not contain petrochemicals
- do not off-gas
- have superior longevity
- provide customized support
- provide moisture control
- are flame resistant
- provide health benefits

Available by Special Order. Delivery time varies.

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