Eloise Table Linens Collection (Green Sweet)

Garnier Thiebaut

  • $619.99

Eloise is part of Garnier-Thiebaut's Green Sweet line and available in the colours Diamant and Macaron. This design is available as tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and napkins. Green Sweet fabrics are easy to take care of! Liquids do not get absorbed into the fabric: they bead up on the surface, easily wiped off without a trace!

100% Cotton
High Thread Count
Anti-Stain Green Sweet Treatment
Made in France

At the height of his glory, Napoleon, brilliant military strategist, encouraged the arts and letters, putting them to the service of the greatness of his project. The design Eloise showcases the symbols of the nascent Empire: rigorous lines, decorative wreaths and palm leaves, and satin fabrics. The high thread count cotton fabric creates the look and feel of satin. Eloise is a classic, very formal design with a stunning look and breathtaking appearance. It is finished with mitred corners.

Eloise benefits from the stain-resistant Green Sweet treatment.

96" width tablecloths are only available in Diamant.

Green Sweet is Garnier-Thiebaut's exclusive anti-stain treatment!

The innovative Green Sweet anti-stain treatment guarantees simple and economical use of table linens. Invisible to the eye and to the touch, Green Sweet provides effective and lasting protection versus stains. A small amount of liquid simply rolls or slides off the surface of the fabric and is easily wiped away, leaving the surface clean and dry. Stains do not penetrate the fabric and remain on the surface, easy to clean.

Protected by this treatment, fibres become even more resistant to wear and tear. The effectiveness of the Green Sweet treatment is prolonged by ironing, extending the life of the table linens.

Green Sweet is a meaningful commitment to the preservation of the planet. With this new process, environmental impact is minimized: washing frequency is reduced and the consumption of water and electricity are limited.

After a spill, immediately dab the area gently with a sponge or paper towel to absorb the mess. There is no need to a wash Green Sweet fabric unless necessary! Ironing Green Sweet fabrics after use will help prolong the anti-stain treatment. Always iron after washing.

Why "Green Sweet"?
Nature is the model. The anti-stain treatment reproduces the qualities of certain plants, such as the lotus, which are always clean as dirt cannot adhere to their surface.
S: Simple to clean: stains stay on the surface of the fabric and do not penetrate the material. Quickly absorb spills by gently dabbing the surface.
W: Waterproof-like: water, sauces, jams, oil - everything slides on the surface of this fabric. The fabric has persistent anti-stain properties.
E: Economical: less washes are necessary and are performed at lower temperatures. Long-lasting material.
E: Eco-friendly: in addition to consuming less water, detergent, and electricity, the chemistry behind the Green Sweet treatment is non-toxic.
T: Touch: the fabric does not change with the Green Sweet treatment, retaining its natural appearance, comfortable feel, and breathability, unlike oilcloth or coated fabrics.

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