Escapade Table Linens Collection

Le Jacquard Francais

  • $264.99

The floral patterns and vibrant colors of this collection will captivate you for a joyful and refreshing getaway. This collection is an invitation to travel to distant lands with lush vegetation.

Like an escape, refreshing and joyful, this collection celebrates hedonism and leisure. Tropical getaway unfolds through an exuberance of exotic patterns highlighted by jacquard weaving, bright and exhilarating colors for gourmet and sunny table decorations that evoke the essence of summer. Each piece transports your guests to unknown places with a thousand scents, offering suspended moments. This collection in 100% linen labeled Masters of Linen reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Discover unique creations that transcend the ordinary and elevate your gastronomic and sensory experiences.

To limit the shrinkage of cotton in the wash, Le Jacquard Français applies the specific Irretrex treatment which minimizes the reactions of natural cotton fibers in the wash. Our cotton remains stable over time and our fabrics retain their proportions over time to give you complete satisfaction.

100% Linen

Selected are the finest qualities of linen yarn, strong and light, and the longest fibers, to guarantee superior quality to our customers.

Certified Masters of Linen ®, the linen we weave is 100% European and eco-responsible. A true seal of excellence and guarantee of traceability, this label is a reference for consumers and professionals. In addition, we are committed, in partnership with producers, to defend the know-how and production of high quality European linen.

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