Jardin Des Papillons Kitchen Towel

Le Jacquard Francais

  • $44.99

Soar into a fantastic journey to the land of butterflies. Ready for a colorful flight? These bucolic dish towels will bring nature and delicacy to your kitchen. Butterflies can flutter around the muscari flowers in the garden.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Le Jacquard Français' Butterfly Collection. Immerse yourself in a realm where the delicacy of butterflies meets the bucolic charm of gardens. From vibrant kitchen towels to elegant cushions, each piece embodies the harmony between nature and luxury. Let yourself be captivated by refined floral patterns and high-quality fabrics, transforming your home into a sanctuary of sophistication. Invite the beauty of butterflies to dance into your daily life.
To limit the shrinkage of cotton in the wash, Le Jacquard Français applies the specific Irretrex treatment which minimizes the reactions of natural cotton fibers in the wash. Our cotton remains stable over time and our fabrics retain their proportions over time to give you complete satisfaction.
Le Jacquard Français tea towels are a real charm in your kitchen! Thanks to their remarkable qualities, which they derive from the quality of their fibers, they will last for years. They have generous dimensions of 60x80cm and a woven label to hang them easily in your kitchen.

These products are made of 100% long staple combed cotton to guarantee superior quality to our customers. The longest fibers produce a soft touch, perfectly smooth and resistant linen; the fineness of the combed yarns brings an incomparable brightness and precision to our designs.

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