Matin Bedding Collection

Alexandre Turpault

  • $699.99

Admire the first light of day in the comfort of Matin, our organic cotton sateen bed linen set. Ethically grown and GOTS certified, this virtuous model is gentler on our environment while ensuring your everyday well-being - 100% of the fibres are from organic agriculture. Organic textile. Certificate no. 64046 issued by Ecocert Greenlife in accordance with the GOTS standard, available at -. Enhanced by a soft, delicate feel, this product made from long cotton fibres guarantees great durability. A top-of-the-range bed linen that will appeal to lovers of refined materials.

Let's explore the beauty of this botanical garden as the sun gradually rises. In this setting, Mediterranean flora meets tropical vegetation in a play of light and colour. Reminiscent of Jouy's canvases, the painting is adorned with watercolour motifs contrasted with ivy and creepers painted in line and a bright white background. It's a green, relief-like whole, with a few wild orchids in bright colours. Fresh and luminous, this large plant motif is an invitation to contemplate, sheltered by the foliage, as the dew slowly drips over this still-sleeping nature.

- Organic cotton satin bed set (120 threads/cm²)
- Organic cotton from a crop without pesticides, chemicals and GMOs
- Soft, light and cozy material
- Durable product thanks to long fiber combed cotton

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