Mille Petales Table Linens Collection (Coated Cotton)

Garnier Thiebaut

  • $454.99

This beautiful floral paisley jacquard print in blue, purple, and orange in 100% cotton is the missing, perfect everyday table cloth for your kitchen table. 


Bring a little bit of greenery to your life with this 100% cotton table cloth. This floral print in shades of green and blue is perfect for anyone who desires to have a small, intimate garden party hidden in the trees.

Made in France
100% extra-long staple Cotton

Cotton: We use extra-long staple Cotton to weave our products. This premium quality of cotton with long fibers results in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.

Coated Cotton: Our easy care coated fabric has 2 layers of ecological acrylic coating, making it spill proof and stain resistant. Easily wipe clean with a sponge. Perfect for the kitchen and outdoor use.

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