Mille Soleils Table Linens Collection

Garnier Thiebaut

  • $333.00

Made in France
Green Sweet stain-resistant cotton-linen blend (52% cotton, 48% linen)

This fabric is made from cotton - linen blend and it lays nicely on the table with its effortless look.

French tablecloth in the imperial color bone. Reproduced in the linen are floating clouds right before they begin their descent to the surface. The feel is classic and refined with a hint of chic blending easily in any space over the graciousness of its tones. Another creation to showcase all year long, and a subtle complement to any celebration allowing the decorations to take center stage.
Green Sweet: Discover our revolutionary Green Sweet stain resistant treatment. This patented eco-friendly treatment protects your linens against spill and stains, without altering the look and feel of linens. Enjoy the look and soft feel of cotton linens, without worrying about stains.

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