Neo Crystal Towel

Le Jacquard Francais

  • $59.99

A 100% linen tea towel, ideal for wiping glassware, with a geometry inspired by the 30s. It is at the same time elegant, sophisticated and current thanks to the linen weaving and the colorama: a golden yellow, an emerald green and a tourmaline pink.
As a tea towel or as a glass towel, you choose the use. No doubt that you will be seduced by its design, its colors and its French weaving!

100% Linen
We select the finest qualities of linen yarn, strong and light, and the longest fibers, to guarantee superior quality to our customers.

GRAMMAGE: 205 g/m2
Certified Masters of Linen ®, the linen we weave is 100% European and eco-responsible. A true seal of excellence and guarantee of traceability, this label is a reference for consumers and professionals. In addition, we are committed, in partnership with producers, to defend the know-how and production of high quality European linen.

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