Syracuse Table Linens Collection (Coated Cotton)

Le Jacquard Francais

  • $399.99

Bring the charms of Sicily home with Syracuse, a tribute to the Italian way of life. This collection is perfect for lingering over a meal.

In order to maintain their luster over time and make them easier to care for, the manufacturer applies a stain-resistant treatment to some of the items that prevents liquids from being absorbed. When you spill a liquid on a stain-resistant placemat, quickly and lightly dab it with a damp sponge so that the fabric is not stained. This protective film, invisible to the eye and touch, lasts for about 10 machine washes and reactivates with ironing.

The coated products are made of 100% cotton and covered with two layers of acrylic. This protective, non-sticky film makes them stain and water repellent. Coated table linens can be cleaned with a sponge and should only be machine washed occasionally.

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