Twilight Rustic Pillar Candles

Old Country Design

  • $11.99

3" diameter rustic long-buring pillar candles. Solid colour throughout and unscented.

30Hrs burn time

Twilight Collection Rustic Pillar Candles which are produced by hand using a simple ancient technique. The secret to creating the attractive rustic finish is as simple as pouring cooled wax into a chilled mould. The coldness of the mould creates the rustic effect of the candle as soon as the wax is poured into the metal mould making each candle an original.

To get the most enjoyment out of your pillar candles, we would recommend that you burn your candle for no less the 3 hours and no longer than 5 hours at a time. If the flame height becomes too low, pour off the excess liquid wax. If the flame height becomes too high, trim the wick with scissors.

Only the highest quality raw materials used to create the Twilight Dinner Candles. All materials have been certified with the prestigious RAL Quality Mark issued by the European Candle Association. We use only high-quality, fully-refined paraffin which has been certified for food contact. It been cleaned of contaminants to burn free of residues and are classified harmless for human health and or environment. Only 100% cotton wicks are used and the dyes used to create the vibrant colour are pure and suitable for use in toy production in the EU.

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