Gina’s turned 4 on Monday, February 1!

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Georgina and Patterson Mudereri, Gina's Home Linen, Toronto

Over four years ago Patterson, my husband and business partner, and I embarked on this journey, on a mission to build Gina’s Home Linen Limited into a small business that serves our North Toronto community's needs while exercising my passions for textiles and for helping people to create homes that are comfortable, restorative, and intimate. 

I am lucky to love what I do, and we are grateful to count you as a part of our community. 

As you may have seen from my interview in the Star, the ongoing health crisis is threatening our business (which we know is not unique) and we are doing our best to adapt. We have invested in:

  • Evolving our website - offering more in-store products online and adding curbside pickup, 
  • Growing our Marketing efforts, including on social media, to help reach new people and reconnect with our loyal customers, like you, and 
  • Engaging neighbourhood and provincial assistance, like Digital Main Street Transformation Teams and skilled customers who wanted to help with their time.
Thank you to our community for being there through these last 4 years. If you keep supporting us, we are determined to keep supporting you.


Georgina says Thank You to community for support over the last 4 years

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